Have a look inside your new peer review platform

Click your way through a selected array of peer review workflows within Manuscript Manager.
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Demo workflows

Take a look at the Manuscript Manager peer review system by clicking through these typical workflows.

Author submits a manuscript

Demo of how an author signs up and submits a manuscript to your journal.

Sub-editor invites reviewers

Demo of how a sub-editor finds and invites appropriate reviewers for a manuscript.

Admin invites Editor-in-Chief

Demo of how an administrator does an initial document check and invites an editor-in-chief.

Submitting a review

Demo of how an expert reviewer submits an evaluation of a manuscript.

Editor-in-Chief invites Sub-editor

Demo of how the editor-in-chief invites sub-editor with domain expertise to lead the review.

Editor-in-Chief makes a decision

Demo of how an editor-in-chief makes a decision, based on sub-editor’s recommendation and reviews.

Configuring your journal

Configure to suit the needs of your journal – see these demos of how you can do it yourself.

Configuring your journals settings

Demo of how you can make adjustments to review times, confidentiality levels, etc.

Adding your team

This demo shows how to add editorial staff members for your journal.

Adding reviewers/ed. board

This demo shows how to add reviewers or editorial board members one by one.

Configuring your email templates

Demo of how to adjust the built-in email templates to fit your journal’s style and tone.