Video Tutorials & Quick Start Walkthroughs

Video Tutorials

Instructional videos for the Author

Submitting a Manuscript

Instructional videos for the Reviewer

Delivering a Review

Instructional videos for Editor-in-Chief

Assigning Assoc. Ed.

Flags & Notes

Making Decision

Email Templates

Instructional videos for the Associate Editor

Making a Rec. or Decision
Flags & Notes

Searching for Reviewers

Inviting Reviewers

Email Templates

Instructional videos for the Editorial Office / Administrator:

Adjust Settings
Invite Ed-in-Chief

Updating Manuscript Metadata

Proxying as Another User

Add Your Team

View Submission
Flags & Notes

Email Templates

Merging Accounts

Customizing the Submission Process

Quick Start Walkthroughs

Short PDF walkthroughs of selected workflows

Author submits a manuscript online

A PDF walk-through of the Authors submission process

Editorial office processes a new manuscript

A PDF walk-through of the steps the Editorial Office take to facilitate the peer review process

Editor selects reviewers

A PDF walk-through of how Editors search for and assign manuscripts to reviewers

Editor-in-Chief adds Associate Editor

A PDF walk-through of the EiC delegates responsability

Editor makes a decision

A PDF walk-through of the final approval or rejection of a manuscript