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Manuscript Manager is an online app offering end-to-end manuscript submission to decision

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Simple submission

Attract the best authors and manuscripts by offering inviting and easy online submission.

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Enjoyable reviewing

Create simple, tailor-made workflows for your editors and reviewers.

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Easy administration

Stay in control with a dashboard-style overview and real-time updates.


quotesWe help you set up your own custom, editorial office without any start-up fees.quotes


You only pay for what you use. Guaranteed.

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Up to 50 manuscripts

$995 / per year


Up to 200 manuscripts

$1995 / per year


Up to 500 manuscripts

$2995 / per year


Up to 1500 manuscripts

$3995 / per year

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product faq

  • How do I get started?down arrow

    All you need to do is contact us using the form below. Give us a brief description of how you process manuscripts and we will pre-configure a demo-system for you to test. We help you complete the set-up so you are ready to go live. That's it!

  • What are my technical requirements?down arrow

    None. This is a hosted, web-based service. This means that no special computer hardware or software is required in order to use the service. Customers and end users only need a computer/mobile device with an Internet browser installed and an email account. It's that simple!

  • How do I integrate Manuscript Manager with our journal's website?down arrow

    We will give you a link to copy onto your website. Authors, reviewers, editors and administrators will then be able to login to Manuscript Manager via this link.

  • Can I get a discount?down arrow

    Our pricing is already competitive. However, we will consider discounts for budget journals or low usage.

  • How do I pay ?down arrow

    You estimate how many submissions you will receive in one year and choose the payment scheme that best fits. Once you have started receiving submissions, we will invoice you accordingly. If you receive more submissions than expected, we will add the extra cost to the following year's invoice.

  • If we use this service, who owns the data?down arrow

    Information that is entered into the system by users and administrators is the intellectual property of Manuscript Manager's customers. This data can be exported directly or provided in standard electronic formats.

  • How important is it to have a configurable solution?down arrow

    Configurability is important so you get the service you need. We will preset your editorial office with the most usual settings. You simply select and modify these settings to suit your needs and you can always update settings at a later time to reflect any changes in your editorial processes.

  • How does Manuscript Manager protect users from internet malpractice?down arrow

    Manuscript Manager is committed to complying with internationally agreed standards concerning information and data handling. Security is considered every step of the way from initial product designs to our support and communication strategies. User data and files are virus scanned and our servers are protected with the latest firewall technology. Our products use SSL encryption for extra data traffic security.

  • How can we upgrade from our existing solution?down arrow

    Changing systems can be daunting and difficult. However, we have considerable experience helping customers migrate from their old systems. Data from existing systems can usually be transferred. Contact us if you need help.

about us

about manuscript manager

With over 250,000 processed manuscripts and 750,000 users, Manuscript Manager is an established peer review service for academic and scholarly journals.

Based in Copenhagen Denmark, we have 15 years experience working with peer review and evaluation software for academic organizations.

We continuously strive to make our service a pleasure to use because we want to give our customers and users the best peer review experience.


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