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Are you a publisher?

If you are a publisher of academic journals, Manuscript Manager is the one system you’ve been looking for.

A role-based platform

Users of your Manuscript Manager editorial and peer review system can be given access to one or more roles, depending on the type of work they do for your journal.

Manuscript Manager is a comprehensive submission, review and editorial system for peer reviewed academic journals


  • No start-up fee
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  • Low running cost
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  • No binding contract
  • Fully-featured and customizable 
  • Easily run a free trial parallel to your current peer review system


  • Real-time metrics
  • Adjustable deadlines 
  • Automated reminders 
  • Seamlessly cascade to other journals


  • iThenticate
  • Publons
  • Reviewer Connect
  • Penelope AI

+ much more

Smooth submission

Make it easy on your submitting authors with our minimalist, simple-step submission. Let us design the steps you need.

peer review system, customizable submission interface for authors
peer review system platform, fully-featured for editors

Tools for your editors

Your editors will enjoy a comprehensive interface with easy access to manuscript info and PDFs, video viewing, reviewer finder and invitation tools and quick decision-making.

Quick Reviewing

Reviewers can evaluate assigned manuscripts quickly and easily in a few, clear steps, which we create with your input.

peer review system customizable reviewer interface
peer review system administrative overview

Easy administration

Your editorial office administrator always has the overview of all journal activities, as well as access to useful graphs and reports.

Friends & Integrations

Manuscript Manager works with your favorite academic organizations and publishing services

The External reviewer experience

Peer review is the key to maintaining the high academic standards of our scholarly journals, yet how often do we think about the external reviewer experience”?   External reviewers participate in peer review out of a sense of commitment to their area of expertise, and...

Registering areas of expertise

External reviewers all have specific areas of expertise, but the way in which we request that these specialities be registered can have a big impact on both the journal and the reviewer experience. The peer review process is full of pitfalls that can waste valuable...

Checking for plagiarism

Considerations when checking for plagiarism As an editor, when is it worth your while to check for plagiarism and when is intuitive screening enough? Online plagiarism tools can be extremely useful, but does every manuscript need to be checked? Costs are to be weighed...

Inviting external reviewers

Inviting external reviewers: how many? when?   Upon receiving a new manuscript, a chain reaction is set into motion. The editorial staff will typically contact an Editor-in-Chief, and either this editor or an Associate Editor will then be responsible for inviting...

Quick tips: review time

Deciding your journal's Review Time There has been a big push over the last 10 years to get academic work published as quickly as possible. As time to publication becomes more and more critical, there is a trend to make review times shorter now than before. How short...

Should your peer review move online?

When is an online editorial management system necessary? Many academic journal editors struggle with the question of whether it is necessary to convert to a web-based peer review system. While it's no secret that the peer review process can be heavy on administrative...


Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Manuscript Manager :

Highly Flexible

“Manuscript Manager is configured to precisely fit our workflow. it is simple to navigate and is appreciated by our co-editors, authors and reviewers. The support has always been excellent and I fully recommend this product to anyone wishing to upgrade”.

Anders Rydholm

Editor-in-Chief, Acta Orthopaedica

Great Usability

“We evaluated a number of online peer review systems. We chose Manuscript Manager for our journals because it is easy to use”

Lori Bateman

Journal Publications Director, Quintessence Publishing Chicago

Smooth Transition

“The Manuscript Manager team provided excellent service in terms of helping us shift from our old system and the move has proved to be of great value to our journal”

Kim Broesen

Editor-in-Chief, Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

Ongoing Development

“I can recommend Manuscript Manager to journals like APMIS. It has been a highly valuable asset for our editorial office since 2003.”

Christine Moeller

Editorial Manager, APMIS

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