30 day, risk-free peer review system trial

Procuring a peer review system can be both time consuming and expensive. The Manuscript Manager trial is designed to offer your stakeholders the best basis for a decision at zero risk.


If you are like most peer review journal administrators, sourcing a peer review system may look a bit like this:

  • You realize that you might want a new system
  • You realize that the choices are limited
  • You realize that the options are mostly very expensive or sub-par
  • You realize that it will take a lot of work, money, and risk to get your journals onboard
  • You realize that it is easier and less risky to do nothing

Manuscript Manager is looking to change this.


Eliminate the risk of premature spending and commitment

In the early days of your exploration, you want to quickly confirm that you will be able to fulfill the goals of your peer review journal: save money, manage workflow, optimize processes, have better support, and create a better peer review experience for all users including editorial staff, authors and reviewers. However, most peer review software providers require a commitment upfront. 

With Manuscript Manager, you will not need to commit before being convinced. The 30-day of free trial allows you the perfect opportunity to evaluate the system without spending a dime. We assist you to get your platform set up the way you want, and then you test it with your group of stakeholders.

In the end, you can walk away with no strings attached if you do not find your needs covered with Manuscript Manager. We can offer this because more than 50% of journals and publishers who do a free trial of Manuscript Manager eventually decide to stay with us.


A new platform brings organizational change – ensure everyone is well prepared

With your Manuscript Manager trial, you are able to do as much testing of the platform as necessary. You can gradually invite stakeholders to participate, as your confidence in the inner workings of the platform grows and in this way, stay on top of how to ‘sell’ the organizational change to editors, admins, and other involved stakeholders at your peer review journal or organization.

Our free trial with onboarding assitance will give you the best basis for making a decision about the peer review system with your team at no extra cost to your organization. And the best part: if you should choose to become a customer, you can bring as many journals as you want onboard – all without onboarding cost, at your own pace, and with our continuous free onboarding assistance.


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Manuscript Manager encourages customers and business partners to uphold high standards in peer review. Thus, we refer to the standards of DOAJ, COPE and OASPA, when considering partnerships.

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